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Fertilizer machine manufacturers provide suggestions for the operation of equipment

With the progress of living standards, people's demand for machinery and equipment is also increasing, and the dependence on machinery is gradually increasing, which brings pressure to the development of organic fertilizer production equipment. In the process of fertilizer production, in order to ensure the safety and operation of the production line, operators need to strictly require themselves to operate the equipment correctly. So in the operation of organic fertilizer production line, how can we operate it correctly? Tianci company, a large fertilizer equipment manufacturer, provides suggestions to you.

Requirements for safe operation of organic fertilizer production line

organic fertilizer production lineorganic fertilizer production line

1. The relevant personnel who operate the organic fertilizer equipment shall first receive professional training and can only go to work after passing the training.

2. As the workers who operate the organic fertilizer equipment, they should first standardize their working attitude. Because the proper operation is closely related to everyone's safety, they should not be careless in the process of operation, or they may damage materials and endanger personal safety.

3. The organic fertilizer equipment needs to be placed in a reasonable position, ventilation and ground wire should be adhered to. When we find that it can not be operated, we should immediately stop the production of the workshop, find out the problem and deal with it.

4. Clean the machine in time after using the equipment, especially NPK fertilizer granulator. Regular maintenance of equipment appearance and smooth parts can ensure production and quality, and then bring economic benefits to the company.

5. The complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment shall be installed on the horizontal concrete foundation, especially the large equipment of rotary drum granulator, rotary dryer and cooler shall be fixed with anchor bolts. Pay attention to the perpendicularity between the main body and the horizontal during installation. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the equipment. After the inspection, the no-load test run shall be carried out, and the production can be carried out after the test run is normal.