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Knowledge of fertilizer(Three)

What is the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer?    
N 35%,
P 10-20%,
K 50-60%.
Why does the chemical fertilizer burn seedings?
The reason is that the amount of chemical fertilizer is too large or the seed is too close to the root.
Principle: Fertilization increased the concentration of salt in the soil water, or chemical fertilizer contact with root directly,so lead to the concentration of soil nutrient close to root is too high, in line with the principle of water flows from low to high concentration, the water in the root outflow into the soil, the water outflow of seeds or seedlings root,then causing seedling.
Does the urea can be watered immediately after applied?   
No,because urea is easily lost.
Do not water immediately after fertilization,in the summer,it can be converted to ammonium bicarbonate after 2-3 days, then water it will be better.
What are the reasons for the yellowing of wheat seedlings?   
Probably because:
1. Straw return (the most common situation).
2, some diseases of wheat or rotten roots.
3, the wheat seeded deeply, the seedling weak.
4,Soil drought.
Does rice use potassium sulfate compound fertilizer or potassium chloride compound fertilizer?   
Under the conditions of flooding, SO42- is reduced to H2S, which poisons rice roots and makes it black.Therefore, the rice uses the potassium chloride compound fertilizer.

Now, I would like to introduce you a product is Rotary Drum Granulator,It is the main machine in the NPK Fertilizer Production Line;
Roller Press Granulators
Drum granulator features:
1, The granulate rate is 70%, there is a small amount of returns, return product particle size small, can be granulated again.
2, Put into the steam heating, improve the material temperature, the material into the ball after the water is low, improve drying efficiency;
3, with rubber engineering plastics for lining, raw materials is not easy to stick, and play a role in anti-corrosion insulation;
4, large output, low power consumption, low maintenance cost.