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Three commonly used methods to decompose manure

The decomposition of manure is decomposed fast and is beneficial to the absorption of plants. At the same time, most of the bad eggs and weeds seed will die in the high temperature anaerobic environment at 60-70 degrees.
There are three commonly used methods to decompose manure:
The first is to combine the manure and decayed manure with high temperature sheds. The summer fallow period is long, can be combined with the high temperature disinfection of manure composting, composting process and soil improvement. In the process of fermentation, the microorganisms in the soil are very active, which can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure.
The second is the stuffy outside the shed. Have enough time to natural retting fermentation, and the time is short in maturity of pile boring using bio inoculants.
The third is to use the bacteria to quickly ferment. The common ETS bacteria can shorten the fermentation time.
Manure is the raw material of organic fertilizer. I would like to introduce a Organic Fertilizer Production Line of organic fertilizer to you.

decompose manure organic fertilizer production line
The organic fertilizer plant has rich raw material resources. The equipment may differ for different materials.
1.Animal waste, animal manure, such as chicken, pig, cattle, sheep, horse, rabbit, animal residue, such as fish meal, bone meal, feather, fur, silkworm excrement, biogas residue, etc.
2.Agricultural wastes. Crop straw, vine, soybean mean, rapeseed meal, cottonseed meal, caster bean meal, tea seed meal, yeast powder, mushroom residue, etc.
3.Industrial waste. Vinasse, vinegar residue, manioc waste, filter mud, herb residue, furfural residue, etc.
4.Municipal sludge. River sludge, pound sludge, ditch sludge, sea mud, lake mud, sewage sludge, humic acid, turf, lignite, danty, organic fertilizer production line, fertilizer granules fly, ash, etc.
5. Household garbage. Kitchen waste, etc.
6.Extracted or concentrated organics, seaweed extract, fish extract, etc.
We self-develop multi-functional organic fertilizer equipment, which has the advantages of compact structure small footprint,and reliable operation.