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Master the maintenance method of NPK fertilizer production line in winter

With the arrival of winter, the weather is cold, rain and snow are increasing, and rust and aging are prevented. Manufacturers need to repair and maintain the NPK fertilizer production line to extend its service life. The following teaches you how to master the maintenance methods of NPK compound fertilizer production line in winter:
1. Replace the grease. In winter, the temperature is low, and the inferior grease will greatly reduce the lubrication function of all parts of the compound fertilizer production line. High-quality grease can be used to fulfill our expectations.

2. The anti-iron parts are rusty. Most of the accessories used in the compound fertilizer equipment are made of iron. They are not well stored and are easy to rust. Especially in winter, the climate is humid, and the weather is more rainy and snowy, which will shorten the service life. At this time, it should be removed, coated with anti-rust paint, and stored in a dry and ventilated place.

3. Replace the gear oil. The gear oil of the compound fertilizer production line used in summer has already carried a lot of fine iron filings or steel scraps. The damage to the gears is very large, and timely replacement is critical for winter use.

4. Reasonable maintenance. The autumn assault use of the compound fertilizer production line has already caused the machinery and equipment to be tired or injured, and the cold in winter will reflect the fragility of the machinery and equipment. Therefore, adequate and reasonable maintenance is necessary.

5. Replacement of wearing parts. The wearing parts are the main working part of the compound fertilizer production line. This is the commando team that creates benefits. To achieve continuous operation and production profit, the replacement of wearing parts is a ruler.

6. Humanized production. In the cold winter, it is easy to condense the lubricating grease in each operating part of the compound fertilizer production line. Therefore, the human culture and humanized operation of the compound fertilizer equipment is a friendly measure to ensure the normal operation of the machine.


The above six points are accumulated by our professional technicians in the compound fertilizer production line based on years of experience. We hope to provide more help to users of more compound fertilizer production lines to ensure a long winter.

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