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Compound fertilizer drying technology use precautions

The drying process is also critical in the NPK fertilizer production line. The fertilizer should be dried after granulation to reduce the moisture in the granules and increase the hardness of the granules, which is essential for the quality of the fertilizer.
dryer machine
1. The installed dryer should be tested for no less than 4 hours of empty machine. If abnormal conditions occur during the test operation, it should be handled in time.

2. After the test run is finished, tighten all the connecting bolts again, check and make up the lubricating oil. After the test is turned to normal, the load can be tested.

3. Before the load test machine, the single-machine empty test run of each auxiliary equipment should be carried out. After the single-machine test is successful, it will be transferred to the joint test.

4. Ignite the hot air oven dryer to preheat, and at the same time turn on the dryer, prohibit the cylinder from rotating and prevent the cylinder from bending.

5. According to the preheating situation, gradually add wet materials to the drying cylinder, and gradually increase the feeding amount according to the moisture content of the discharged materials.

6, The dryer preheating needs a process, the hot blast stove should also have a preheating process, prohibiting sudden fires. Prevent local overheating and uneven thermal expansion and damage.

7. The fuel burning value, the quality of each part of the insulation quality, the moisture content of the wet material, the uniformity of the feeding amount, affecting the quality of the dried product, affecting the fuel consumption. Therefore, it is an effective way to improve the economic benefits by making each part reach the state as much as possible.

8. In the working state, the roller frame should be filled with cooling water.

9. All lubrication parts should be refueled in time.

10. When stopping, the hot blast stove should be turned off first, and the drying cylinder should continue to rotate until it is cooled to near the outside temperature.

11. It is forbidden to stop at high temperature to prevent the cylinder from bending and deforming.

12. In case of sudden power failure, the hot air stove should be turned off immediately, stop feeding, and the cylinder should be turned half a turn every 15 minutes until the cylinder cools. This fertilizer manufacturing process operation procedure should be carefully and professionally responsible. Violation of this procedure will result in bending of the cylinder.