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Manufacturing process and technology of organic fertilizer for processing straw

Straw is one of the raw materials in the production of organic fertilizer, which is different from the manufacturing of NPK fertilizer and the treatment of livestock manure. There are special requirements and characteristics when straw is treated by organic fertilizer manufacturing process, which needs composting processing.

Production technology of organic fertilizer for processing straw

1. Traditional straw composting

The traditional straw composting technology has the advantages of long fermentation time, poor fermentation effect and simple equipment, which is suitable for small-scale application. The method of straw fermentation is as follows: firstly, the straw is crushed with a pulverizer, but not excessively crushed, and the factors such as moisture, carbon nitrogen ratio and pH value are adjusted. The optimum ratio of carbon to nitrogen is 25:1. Therefore, adjusting the ratio of carbon and nitrogen in composting materials is an effective measure to accelerate the maturity and improve the humus coefficient.

Generally, the preparation methods of fermentation compost include adding phosphate fertilizer, adding lime, adding manure and urine, etc. Straw should be soaked with enough water to make the moisture content of straw reach 60% - 70%, which is the key to success or failure of composting. The compost piles without decomposition agent are usually stored for about 40 days in summer, and the temperature in the compost can rise to 50 ~ 60. After the high temperature stage, the compost can be dumped inside and outside. The standard of rotten is: black, rotten and smelly, that is, straw turns brown or black brown. When wet, it is soft and elastic, and when dry, it is brittle and easy to be broken.

2. New-type straw organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Use large-scale, high-efficiency organic fertilizer fermentation equipment and biochemical technology to accelerate crop straw rot. That is, the method of mixing with fast decomposing agent and using compost turning machine to increase the temperature and speed of compost and shorten the period of compost. Generally, the straw is mixed with livestock manure (or urea) to meet the nitrogen required for microbial fermentation. Use a complete set of organic fertilizer turning machine for trough turning and throwing fermentation to improve fermentation efficiency, shorten fermentation cycle, and increase production capacity.
straw organic fertilizer manufacturing process