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Reasonable material structure is the basis of improving the pelletizing rate of rotary granulator

In order to improve the pelletizing rate of the rotary drum granulator, it is necessary to configure the material structure reasonably in order to improve the pelletizing rate of the rotary drum granulator.

Material structure mainly refers to the following aspects.

1. Reasonable matching of fineness of raw materials. According to our experience, the fineness of the whole raw material should be matched as follows: raw materials of 100-60 mesh account for about 30% - 40%, raw materials of 60 mesh to diameter of 1.00 mm account for about 35%, and small particles with a diameter of 1.00-2.00 mm account for about 25% - 30%. The higher the fineness of the material, the better the viscosity, and the higher the surface finish after granulation. However, in the production process, the use of super proportion of high fineness materials can easily lead to the problems of too large particles, irregular particles and material sticking to the wall.

2. Reasonable collocation of cohesive materials and dispersive materials. In the production process formula, the proportion of viscous raw materials is high, which is easy to form balls, the proportion of dispersive raw materials is high, and there are more fine powders. In the conventional formula of fertilizer production line, the proportion of viscous raw material for low concentration compound fertilizer is 45% - 50%, and that of high concentration compound fertilizer is 35% - 40%. At the same time, it should be combined with material fineness. If the matching is not good, there will be no fine powder, no particles, particles are not round, easy to get big ball and so on.
improving the pelletizing rate of rotary drum granulator
3. Chemical reactions between materials should be considered in formulation. After the formulation of some materials, free water will be precipitated during the production process, which will cause the liquid phase of the material to exceed the standard and cannot be produced normally. Some raw materials will greatly reduce the critical relative humidity of the mixture after matching. During the production process, due to the large amount of moisture absorption Unable to produce normally. Therefore, the chemical reaction between the materials must be considered when formulating to achieve a reasonable match between the materials.

4. The comprehensive moisture content of materials after mixing. The water content of raw materials directly affects the granulation. Even if steam and water are not added in the production of some materials after mixing, they can not be produced normally. Therefore, low moisture content of materials in organic fertilizer production line is conducive to the addition of steam in granulation. This is beneficial to improve the temperature and viscosity of the materials, thus improving the compatibility and pelletizing rate of the materials.