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More types of automatic organic fertilizer granulation equipment

Organic fertilizer granulation equipment is the primary and necessary granulation equipment in feed processing and production and processing of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. And in the processing of raw materials, granulator can normal task production, which directly affects the economic benefits of production enterprises is directly related, so the accurate operation of granulator is very important.

NPK fertilizer granulator with high degree of automation has extrusion granulation equipment, and then the organic fertilizer wet granulation machine, rotary drum granulator and other equipment also meet the processing needs of different people in different aspects, and the granulation equipment in organic fertilizer processing equipment is becoming more and more abundant.

Flat die extrusion granulator, the representative product of extrusion granulation process, has a large market. It can be formed at room temperature without drying, and can realize automatic production without manual operation, which is highly praised by most users. Flat die pellet mill has also rapidly become a star product in the organic fertilizer production and processing industry.

The important principle of compound fertilizer production by rotary drum granulator is to reduce the addition of water during granulation as much as possible, and moderately increase the temperature and solubility of materials, so as to reduce the heat consumption, improve the qualified rate of pelletizing, increase the output and reduce the production cost.

As an important molding process in the production and processing of organic fertilizer, fertilizer granulator has a great impact on the production of complete sets of organic fertilizer equipment. The strength, uniformity and size of finished organic fertilizer particles are affected by the granulation equipment. Therefore, we will pay special attention to the selection of granulator when applying organic fertilizer granulation equipment to produce organic fertilizer. We need to pay attention to the market In order to make the right choice, we must have a thorough understanding of the basic equipment.