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Multiple uses of roller press granulator for chemical materials granulation

 We,Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd,are leading manufacturer of fertilizer equipment in China,we produce compost turning machine,crushing machine ,mixer machine,granulating machine ,dryer and cooler machine,screening machine coating machine and packing machine.Our products are sold to more than 40 countries all over the world.they are deeply like by the customers at home and abroad and gain good reputation.

  Among all the machines,the roller press granulator is highly praised by the clients.about our press granulating machine,we have two kinds,one roller and double roller kind.the single roller press,there is only one shaft from the reduce and double roller type,thre are two shafts from the first,we only have one roller type,as time goes on,we get much production experience and feedback from customers,based on this,we research and develop the improved extrusion granulation equipment.the new kind is more durable and stable than the single roller type.It adopts double input power transfer mode to improve the input power ratio and ensure the lubrication and sealing performance of the transmission gear.many customers choose double rollers kind,but still many buy the single roller one,it depends on your needs.

  The machine is widely applied to NPK Fertilizer Production, Feed Production and Chemical Industry for granulating powder material. For one single material, customers often choose it to granulate it,for example the ammonium sulfate,the granulation rate can be up to 90% and the effect is good.but we should be aware of that the raw materials moisture for the machine need to be between 2%-15%.if too dry,it can be granulated into pellets,if too wet,it will be stick to the roller.

  The pellet from it is oval type,for it’s dry so no need to be dried with the dryer machine,also,there is no need to use the ball polishing machine to polish it into round shape,this will crumb the pellets instead.when in NPK fertilizer production,if using the roller press machine,it will lower the cost for customers without using the dryer and cooler machine.

  The machine adopts No-Drying technology, granulating the powder into pellets at room temperature, forming at one time; reasonable structure design, stable and reliable operation, easy operation and simply maintenance, with less investment, quick effect, considerable economic benefit characteristics and so on.