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How to deal with the vibration of roller press granulator in the production process of compound fertilizer equipment

Compound fertilizer equipment greatly improves the effectiveness of fertilizer in crops and agricultural production efficiency. Complete sets of compound fertilizer equipment include roller press granulator production line, fertilizer granulating production line, etc. These compound fertilizer equipments play an important role in fertilizer plants, aquaculture farms and sewage treatment plants.
Roller press granulator is a granulating machine in compound fertilizer equipment. It extrudes raw materials into granules in the roller press granulator production line, which makes the appearance of fertilizer beautiful and improves the physical properties of fertilizer. In the production of compound fertilizer equipment, how to deal with the vibration of roller press granulator? Below we analyze the reasons for the vibration of the roller press granulator.
roller press granulator of compound fertilizer equipment

The vibration of the roller press granulator may be that the powder fineness of the material is not suitable, or the raw material is mixed with a hard substance.
Roller press granulator needs finer feed powder. If the particle size distribution is uneven or the raw powder is coarse, the density of the material will be lower, and the pore gap of the granulator will be large, which will increase the vibration. However, if the fertilizer particles are too fine, the material directly passes through the rollers of the roller press granulator, which will cause material collapse, increase the load of the next process of the machine, and aggravate the vibration of the machine. When the hard material is mixed into the material, the hard material hinders the material, increases the load of the roll pressure, and greatly intensifies the vibration of the roller press granulator.

In order to solve the problem of inappropriate powder fineness of roller press granulator, we need to control the powder fineness of materials, and use chain crusher to crush materials before granulation. In view of the possible hard objects in the materials, we should observe them in time before the operation of the raw materials, remove the hard objects and prevent them from entering the granulator.