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NPK fertilizer production line coated compound fertilizer

The NPK fertilizer production line uses a unique coating technology in the compound fertilizer granulation, which greatly improves the effect of the compound fertilizer, prolongs the fertilizer efficiency, and eliminates the trouble of topdressing in agricultural production. The coated compound fertilizer reduces agricultural costs and reduces nitrogen fertilizer loss and environmental pollution.

Fertilizer granulating production line uses the coating machine to process compound fertilizer
The application of compound fertilizer in agriculture has been widely promoted. With the development of modern science and technology, multi-component quick-acting compound fertilizer can not meet the development needs of modern agricultural production. The fertilizer granulating production line granulates the compound fertilizer, and then coats the granules with a protective film through the coating machine. The coating machine makes full use of the thermophysical properties of the material, and achieves the harmony between the fertilizer and the crop through the change of temperature, thereby reducing the pollution of excessive in the crop growing season. 
coating machine of NPK fertilizer production line

The role of the NPK fertilizer production line coating machine
The coating machine of the NPK fertilizer production line basically solves the contradiction of fertilizer supply and achieves the balance between fertilizer release rate and crop growth demand. The coating machine takes the granular soluble nitrogen fertilizer as the core, and uses a variety of nutrients and humic acid as the coating layer to process the fertilizer coating. The compound fertilizer after coating can activate the soil, fertilize soil fertility and increase soil organic matter content. It has the ability to improve soil structure and improve soil water storage and fertilizer retention.

With the promotion and application of one-time fertilization, the NPK fertilizer production line helps to promote the change of fertilization methods. It has made positive contributions to the sustainable development of modern agriculture and the increase of agricultural economic and social benefits.