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Organic Fertilizer Equipment-Chicken Manure Fermentation Compost Turner

Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer - Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry, is a professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment and manure fermentation turning machine. The chicken manure fermentation turner has a relatively strong effect on improving the soil. The fermentation compost turner is an ideal equipment for converting organic waste into organic fertilizer.

Chicken Manure Fermentation Compost Turner for Organic Fertilizer Equipment
Chicken manure is composted in the fermentation tank. Under the action of vertical and horizontal walking mechanism, the compost turner picks up the fermentation material continuously and progressively by stirring teeth, and then throws it down after conveying it to the highest point along the bottom of the pond, which makes it pile up again and produces a certain displacement.

The whole process of continuous aerobic fermentation was completed after two times a day. Fermented materials are transported from the end of the fermentation pond by forklift every day, which makes room for the front end of the fermentation pond to supplement new fermentation materials, thus forming a continuous fermentation process.

After the compost was put into piles, the second fermentation (10-15 days) was carried out while being stored, further maturation and removal of some moisture.

Fermentation compost turner of organic fertilizer equipment has a wide range of applications, including low-temperature granulation requirements such as bio-bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc. It can also be used for industrial fermentation of organic solids such as animal manure, domestic garbage, sludge, crop straw, etc. It can also be used for feed fermentation and many other purposes.