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Organic Ecological Farm

 The development organic farming 
Organic food is growing fast, the global sales of organic food accounting for 5 percent of all food sales, in Europe, organic agriculture developed fast in the United States, Japan and other countries. In France, about 5 percent of farms specialize in organic food ingredients the organic food market accounts for 5% of the whole food market, infant food basically is the organic food. Other European countries engaged in production of organic farm between 2% to 3%, almost all the chain stores selling organic food in the United States, one third of Americans will buy organic food. There are more than 8000 organic farms in Japan at present. the organic food market size will be increased from 30 billion yen in1990 to about 350 billion yen in 2000, annual growth of around 30%. In recent years, the production methods of organic farming have been promoted in more than 100 countries, more than 22 million hectares of land was managed with the way of organic agriculture worldwide. People pay more attention to their quality of life and physical and mental health, and they are eager to get pure natural, pollution-free and high-quality food. The production and development of organic agricultural products and food exactly can meet this requirement.
Reasons for the development of ecological agriculture
 Organic Ecological Farm
1. Factory production is adopted in agriculture,agricultural production is a biological process. The adoption of industrial continuous production process is different with the biological law.
2. The food supply chain is getting longer, from farm to table. A kind of food has to go through many links such as production, processing and circulation. The food supply system tends to become complicated and internationalized. In such a long industrial chain, every link has the possibility of food contamination.
3. The emergence of genetically modified food. In fact, transgenic technology can not only improve the yield of plants and animals, but also change their quality and improve product quality. However, some people believed that gm crops created "genetic pollution".
Organic agriculture is using organic fertilizer to meet crop nutrient demand of planting industry, or using organic feed meet the nutritional needs of livestock and poultry breeding, it is that no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulator and livestock and poultry feed additive complete in production, following the laws of nature and ecology principle, coordinate the balance the planting and breeding, it is a kind of agricultural production adopting a series of sustainable development of agricultural technology in order to maintain a steady way of agricultural production system.
Organic food 
Organic food is the uniform ideal to natural food with no pollution e all over the world at present. And organic food generally comes from organic agricultural production systems. It was produced according to international organic agricultural production standard. All agricultural and sideline products certified by an independent organic food certification authority, including: grain, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, poultry and livestock products, and so on. With the gradual improvement of people's environmental awareness, the scope of organic food is gradually expanded, and it also includes textiles, leather, cosmetics, furniture, etc.
The standards of organic food
1. Raw materials from organic agricultural production system or wild natural products;
2. The products must strictly comply with the requirements of processing, packaging, storage and transportation of organic food in the whole process of production and processing.
3. In the production and circulation of organic food, the producer has a complete tracking systems, complete production and marketing files.
4. It must be certified by an independent organic food certification authority
The advantages of organic farming 
1. It can provide safe and environmental protection food with no pollution and good taste, which is benefit to health, help to reduce the disease of people.
2. It is benefit to reduce the environmental pollution, recover the ecological balance.
3. Improve the international competitiveness of our agricultural products, increase the income.
4. Improve the standard of agricultural production.
In the organic farm, ingredients for the homemade compost are straw and dung by the fermentation compost turning machie, which comes from a horse, chicken, cow, or sheep farm near the farm. Compost can be completed in summer with fermentation microorganisms. By this method, about thousands of tons organic fertilizer with harmlessness can be made every year for crops. Organic fertilizer production line and plays the important role in the organic planting and breeding, it can process the animal manure, into the organic fertilizers, not only solve the problems of organic raw materials sources, but also protect the environment and get the additional income, and the fertilizers will provide organic nutrients for the crops in the planting, it also contributes to the development of organic agriculture, helping solve a series of problems brought by modern agriculture, such as serious soil erosion and land quality decline, environmental pollution and energy consumption caused by heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers, and loss of species diversity. It also helps to raise farmers' income and develop rural economy, which has great development potential.