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Basic introduction of organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer

 Any substance that is applied to the soil or sprayed on the ground part of the crop, which can directly or indirectly supply crop nutrients, increase crop yield, improve product quality or improve soil properties, and fertilize the soil, is called fertilizer. Those fertilizers that directly supply essential nutrients to crops are called direct fertilizers, such as nitrogen, phosphate, potash, trace elements and compound fertilizers. Other fertilizers, mainly for improving the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils, thereby improving the growth conditions of crops, are called indirect fertilizers, such as lime, gypsum and bacterial fertilizers.

By chemical composition, the fertilizer can be divided into organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer. today we introduce the basic info of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer for you.

What is Organic fertilizer?
Organic fertilizer is a kind of natural fertilizer that is used in rural areas to use organic materials such as animal and plant residues or human and animal excrement, and is applied locally or directly cultivated. It is also called farmyard fertilizer.

What is chemical fertilizer?
In a narrow sense, chemical fertilizers refer to chemically produced fertilizers; in a broad sense, chemical fertilizers refer to all inorganic fertilizers and slow-acting fertilizers produced industrially. Therefore, some people only refer to nitrogen fertilizer as chemical fertilizer is not comprehensive, and fertilizer is a general term for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and compound fertilizer.

In a chemical fertilizer, a fertilizer containing two or more of the main nutrients such as N, P, and K is called a compound fertilizer. A binary compound fertilizer containing two main nutrient elements, a ternary compound fertilizer containing three main nutrient elements, and a multi-component compound fertilizer containing three or more nutrient NPK compound fertilizer is one kind of the chemical fertilizer.

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