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Similarities and differences of large angle belt conveyor and bucket elevator

  A belt conveyor system is one of many types of conveyor systems,it’s widely used in different kinds of industries.the function is carrying the materials from one place to another places,to save manpower,and achieve the quick effect of transmission.

   Nomatter in organic fertilizer or NPK fertilizer production,the belt conveyor is always used to transport the powdery and granular fertilizer from one machine to another machine.we manufacturer different kinds of belt conveyor for fertilizer production we introduce two of them to you.

  One is the large angle belt conveyor; it adopts a conveyor belt with corrugated edges and partitions. Therefore, it is especially suitable for continuous transportation of bulk materials. It’s frequently used in fertilizer, coal, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, light industry, grain and other industries. The working environment humidity varies -15℃--+40℃,  bulk materials density is of 0.5-0.5t/m3 .

  It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance, small space occupying and saving investment (it can replace the combined layout of conveyor and bucket elevator), easy to layout and so on, so it is widely used. It has the advantages of high inclination angle, large output, no material distribution and flexible arrangement.

  The other is bucket elevator. it is a vertical lifting type belt conveyor for conveying granular and powder materials, such as fertilizer, grain, food, feed, mining industry and so on. The bucket elevator has the characteristics of small occupying area, high lifting height, large conveying capacity, low power consumption, simple structure, low maintenance cost, stable operation, wide application range and good sealing.

  These two kinds of belt conveyor both cover small area,so they are typically used in the small plant or the plant space is not big enough,or the workshop with two’s good choice for customers.