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Organic fertilizer equipment to alleviate soil problems

At present, the problem of soil structure in agricultural production is caused by long-term unreasonable fertilization. Organic fertilizer equipment can alleviate various problems in the soil. Organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter and various nutrients. The effect of fertilization is stable and lasts for a long time. However, the raw materials of organic fertilizer (chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sugar residue, straw, rice husk, etc.) have the characteristics of inconvenient transportation, dirty, smelly and unsanitary. If they are not treated scientifically, the fertilizer utilization rate is low. The dirt and peculiar smell that are not easy to handle can be treated by a complete set of organic fertilizer production line equipment.

The organic fertilizer processed by the Tianci equipment can improve the fertilizer efficiency of the fertilizer. For example, the application of phosphate fertilizer to the soil may be fixed and fail, and organic fertilizers are used in combination to reduce direct contact between the fertilizer and the soil, thereby reducing nutrients. Fixation also reduces the loss of nutrients; the source of organic and inorganic mixed fertilizers can also achieve comprehensive land use. The granular fertilizer made by the fertilizer granulator can also greatly improve the fertilizer effect and achieve the slow release effect of the fertilizer effect.
Organic fertilizer equipment to alleviate soil problems
When a large amount of fertilizer or fertilizer is applied unevenly, it is easy to cause damage to crops. It may change the pH value of the soil, which shows as salinization and chemical residue. Organic fertilizer can alleviate the shortcomings of chemical fertilizer and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer. Therefore, the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer treated by the organic fertilizer production equipment can improve the comprehensive utilization rate of fertilizer.

How much does a set of organic fertilizer production line cost? What equipment does the organic fertilizer production line include? Can't process organic fertilizer without fermentation? First, the compost turner must be purchased. If the final product is powder, the production process is relatively simple. If the product is fertilizer particle, NPK fertilizer granulator is required. We provide a series of services such as production line drawing design, low, medium and high configuration throwing machine, on-site installation equipment guidance.