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The role of granulator in the whole agricultural fertilizer production

In agriculture, the granulator plays an important role in organic fertilizer production while the growers use organic fertilizer. In the whole process of organic fertilizer manufacturing, the metabolites of livestock and poultry are transformed into organic fertilizer through the processing of fertilizer equipment. The function of fertilizer granulator is to convert the organic fertilizer into particles. Then let me introduce the characteristics of the pelletizer

Under the pressure of global ecological problems and environmental problems, the development of biotechnology has been promoted. More and more people begin to pay attention to health and environmental protection. Similarly, in order to make the environment pollution-free, the emergence of fertilizer granulation machine can be regarded as a great contribution. Before, most farmers chose to apply animal manure directly to the land, but the untreated fertilizer produced fermentation reaction in contact with the air, resulting in the destruction of the soil structure and the burning of crops. Therefore, it promotes the appearance of organic fertilizer granulator, changes the traditional fertilization method, and overcomes the problem of high temperature sterilization and drying in the production process of organic fertilizer.
agricultural fertilizer granulator machinery

The characteristic of the pelletizer machine is that it can use various raw materials for granulation. Different raw materials and product shapes require different granulation equipment. NPK fertilizer granulator is suitable for granulating various materials such as NPK compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer. The residue fermentation products of straw, peat and other plants are suitable for pelletizing cylindrical granules by flat die pellet mill. The metabolites of livestock and poultry such as chicken manure and pig manure are suitable for granulation of organic manure. Rotary drum granulator is suitable for granulation of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer and other raw materials. Corn, beans and other crops can also be granulated.

The characteristics of pelletizer make its future. The pelletized fertilizer products realize the function of slow-release fertilizer effect and improve the convenience of storage and use. Because of this feature, it can also play a greater role in the field of organic fertilizer and NPK compound fertilizer production in the future, and provide a good foundation for future improvement.