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Organic fertilizer manufacturing process auxiliary equipment-characteristics of ball shaping machine

In terms of investment in organic fertilizer production process, the granular organic fertilizer manufacturing line is higher than that of powdered organic fertilizer production lines. Secondly, in terms of use, fertilizer manufacturers should consider whether organic fertilizer is used for personal use or put on the market. When granular organic fertilizer products are put on the market, the good appearance is naturally more popular, the product sales are better, and the price is higher.
In the npk fertilizer manufacturing process and organic fertilizer particles, if the product shape is not smooth enough, the organic fertilizer throwing machine can be used. As an auxiliary equipment of organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the circular throwing machine can make the appearance look round and smooth.
So, what is an organic fertilizer ball shaping machine? What are the working principles? Let the organic fertilizer machine manufacturers introduce to you.
Organic fertilizer  ball shaping machine

1. In the past, it was very difficult to produce spherical organic fertilizer, and a lot of money needed to be invested. Now with the organic fertilizer throwing machine, the production of spherical particles can be increased. NPK fertilizer granulator into particles, after grinding, shape more regular.
2. When the organic fertilizer throwing machine is making organic fertilizer particles, it puts the materials behind the throwing circle, and then there is a discharge port to discharge them. In this way, the particle size of the organic fertilizer produced is the same, and the appearance is very round and smooth.
3. In the production of organic fertilizer particles, the operation is very simple, carefully read the instructions can be operated.
4. The organic fertilizer throwing machine has strong adaptability to the environment, which saves the cost and improves the efficiency when making organic fertilizer granules.