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Brief introduction of the working process and advantages of cow manure organic fertilizer process

In modern agricultural production, in order to reduce the pollution of chemical fertilizers, our use of organic fertilizers is becoming more common.
fertilizer production line
Production process of cow manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process
Cow dung is a good raw material for processing organic manure, and cow dung contains high nutrient content and properties for crops and soil: cow dung contains 4%, nitrogen is 0.65%, phosphorus is 0.47% , Potassium is 0.23%.
Preparation before use: Before using the machine, the whole machine should be cleaned thoroughly, and the connection between the components and the transmission can be checked. Fermentation stacker is used for fermentation and stacking of organic wastes such as cow dung, livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar mill filter sludge, slag cake meal and straw sawdust. Efficacy of fermentation and dehydration in garbage dumps, gardening plots and Agaricus bisporus plantation plots.
Production process of cow manure organic fertilizer: cow manure raw material fermentation → organic manure grinder → horizontal mixer → new organic fertilizer granulator → cow manure dryer → cooling machine → drum screening machine → packaging machine. It can produce compound fertilizers of various concentrations and types (organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer, etc.). This equipment shortens the technological process for organic fertilizer and compost production.
The role of cow manure organic fertilizer equipment
How much does it cost to process cow manure into organic fertilizer? It is a large beef cattle breeding county. In the past, it did not pay enough attention to the treatment of cow dung. There were basically no cow dung treatment facilities. 99% of cow dung was in a state of accumulation, which not only occupied a lot of land, but also polluted the environment. In response to this situation, the Hengdu Beef Cattle Farm in Jianguo Village, Gaojia Town, the county introduced an enterprise "park" to process cow dung into organic fertilizer, using new technologies such as rapid continuous fermentation and agricultural waste microbial complex bacteria to achieve Zero emissions of pollutants.
In the production workshop of the enterprise, cow dung is packaged into organic fertilizer in bags after the process of adding bacteria, stirring and fermentation, drying and cooling. It is reported that companies that use cow dung to produce organic fertilizer like this have already introduced four.
According to the relevant person in charge of Hengdu Beef Cattle Farm, the cow dung produced on the farm is separated from wet and dry, and the manure is used to produce organic fertilizer, which can be sold for 600 yuan per ton. The use of cow dung mixed with cow urine to produce biogas, biogas can be used as an energy source for cooking and lighting, truly turning waste into treasure.