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How does organic fertilizer machine produce dry fertilizer?

The drying link is an important link in the fertilizer manufacturing process, and the method of drying is critical. The fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer equipment is completely dry fertilizer, so how does the organic fertilizer equipment produce dry fertilizer?

fertilizer granulator

(1) Mechanical dehydration method: The mechanical dehydration method is to squeeze out part of the water by pressurizing the material. Commonly used methods include squeezing, sedimentation, filtration, and centrifugal separation. The mechanical dehydration method can only remove part of the free water in the material, and the combined moisture remains in the material. Therefore, the water content of the material after mechanical dehydration is still very high, generally 40-60%. But mechanical dehydration is an economical method.
(2) Heating and drying method: also known as drying, it uses heat energy to heat materials and vaporize the moisture in the materials. It takes a certain amount of heat to remove moisture from the material. Normally, air is used to dry materials. The air is preheated and sent to the dryer, transferring heat to the material, vaporizing the moisture in the material, forming water vapor, and taking it out of the dryer with the air. After the material is heated and dried, the combined moisture in the material can be removed to achieve the required moisture content of the product or raw material.
(3) Chemical dehumidification method: It uses a hygroscopic agent to remove a small amount of water in gas, liquid, and solid materials. Due to the limited dehumidification ability of the hygroscopic agent, it is only used to remove trace moisture in the material. Therefore, there are few applications in production.