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Organic fertilizer granulator is suitable for energy saving and granulation

Organic fertilizer granulator is a kind of granulating machine, which is used to granulate various organic matters after fermentation, breaking through the traditional organic granulation process. Spherical particles can be directly batched and processed without drying or crushing raw materials before granulation. The qualified rate of granulation is up to 80-90%. It is not only used for granulation of organic fermentation materials, but also like rotary drum granulator, it can adapt to a variety of different formulations and save a lot of energy.

The molding rate of fertilizer granulator is the direct embodiment of the quality of fertilizer production equipment, and also determines the profit of fertilizer manufacturers. The organic fertilizer granulator makes the material into granules, and then uses the equipment to make the powder into small balls, which greatly increases the compactness in the process of pressing particles, so it is not easy to loose in the rolling process, and ensures the high molding rate of different materials.
Organic fertilizer granulator

Organic fertilizer granulator, because of its high granulation rate and stable operation, greatly reduces the manufacturing cost. Its equipment is solid and durable, its service life is long, and its base design is stable, which makes its operation more stable. It has become the ideal granulating equipment selected by the majority of users.