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Professional fertilizer production line to deal with the competitive fertilizer market

The average fertilizer utilization rate is 25% - 30% in China and 50% - 60% in developed countries. Secondary processing of fertilizer is an effective means to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer. Secondary processing of fertilizer, focus on the balance of various nutrients.

Adding trace elements to the compound fertilizer production line can increase the fertilizer utilization rate by 5% - 15%, while the cost per ton will only increase slightly. In order to save cost, most fertilizer enterprises do not want to carry out deep processing, but for the sake of beautiful products, they do not hesitate to color the fertilizer. However, increasing this cost is not only unhelpful, but also harmful. As fertilizer coloring has become a wrong way for manufacturers to sell, they even regard colorful fertilizer as a feature and innovation. The widespread application of pigment in fertilizer has given birth to the industry of fertilizer pigment and its sales are booming.

Fertilizer manufacturers only need to increase a few steps of fertilizer production process, and use NPK fertilizer granulator to mix and granulate raw materials, which can greatly improve the fertilizer effect. Moreover, the processing of fertilizer is not only to make the fertilizer look good, it needs to add inorganic fertilizer in the process of granulation to crush the raw material into uniform particle size and turn into powder, which is conducive to granulation and fertilization.
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The competition of fertilizer market is becoming more and more fierce. Where is the innovation way of fertilizer? This is a subject faced by fertilizer enterprises. Only by innovating fertilizers with a scientific attitude can we remain invincible in the fierce market competition. For those fertilizer enterprises that only make superficial appearance, it is not conducive to agriculture, but also lose the reputation of fertilizer manufacturers, which will eventually be eliminated. Only by using the specialized processing of organic fertilizer production line and improving the quality of fertilizer can we win the market.