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Organic fertilizer manufacturing process uses dryer to produce good fertilizers

After the production and processing of organic fertilizer, the storage of fertilizer should be considered. How to make the fertilizer effect non-volatile, the most important process to consider is actually one part of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, which is the drying of organic fertilizer. After the organic fertilizer dryer machine drying, the moisture in the organic fertilizer granules is evaporated, and the dried particles can be stored in the warehouse for a long time.

The function of organic fertilizer dryer is not only here, but also the granulation results of inspection equipment. The fertilizer particles processed by the rotary drum granulator enter the drying procedure, and the particles are full and round after drying, but they will not be cracked and broken. If the dried fertilizer granules have too many cracks, the proportion of fertilizer should be adjusted in the previous fermentation and granulation.

Rotary drum dryer plays an important role in fertilizer production process. It consists of cylinder, gear, pinion, stop roller, drag roller, front roller ring, rear roller ring, discharge part, lifting plate, reducer, motor, and hot air. It is composed of parts such as channel, feed chute and furnace body. The NPK fertilizer manufacturing process can be equipped with multiple hot air stoves when the production volume is large, which is simple and easy to operate, and the production effect is also very good.
dryer for fertilizer manufacturing process

Adding cooling system can greatly improve the production effect of fertilizer. Tianci fertilizer equipment company, we produce and sell products: chicken manure dryer, rotary dryer, cow manure dryer, pig manure dryer, organic fertilizer dryer, NPK compound fertilizer dryer. According to the needs of the fertilizer production line, the production process can be adjusted and the dryer size can be customized.