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Organic fertilizer equipment factory analyzes the characteristics of organic fertilizer

Tianci organic fertilizer equipment factory focuses on the production of fertilizer machines, suitable for manufacturing of NPK fertilizer and organic fertilizer production and processing. For different types of organic fertilizer, many people are not clear, here help you to analyze the characteristics of organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer use notes.

Manure composting

Livestock manure should be applied after fermentation and decomposition, and should be selectively applied according to soil conditions. The treatment method is relatively simple. It is only used after being decomposed. There is no deep processing of NPK fertilizer granulator and a series of fertilizer equipment, so the fertilizer efficiency is limited.
decompose organic fertilizer

Barnyard manure

To be decomposed, the manure contains cellulose and lignin which are difficult to decompose, and the carbon and nitrogen are relatively large, while most of the nitrogen is in organic state. If the manure is not decomposed, it will compete with crops for fertilizer due to the absorption of soil nutrients and water by microorganisms during decomposition.

Cake fertilizer

Use after decomposing. Direct application of cake fertilizer should be fully crushed and then applied in a furrow, and slightly away from the root system to avoid heat burn during fermentation.

Green manure

Pay attention to the characteristics of green manure varieties, sowing time, and pressing period. Another point is that green manure needs to be fertilized properly to achieve the effect of small fertilizer and large fertilizer.

Commercial organic fertilizer

It is not allowed to use inferior organic fertilizers that use municipal waste and sludge as raw materials, or heavy metals that exceed the standard, and that have not been treated with high temperature or harmlessness. Commercial organic fertilizer is a high-quality fertilizer product that is fermented with poultry manure and crop straw as the main raw materials and processed by the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.

When applying organic fertilizers, pay attention to the use of inorganic fertilizers, biological bacterial fertilizers, etc. to meet the nutritional needs of crops. In severe soil problems and critical crop growth periods, biostimulants (root application type) can be used in conjunction to strengthen the root system and improve the soil structure to enhance crop nutrition.