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Performance advantages of fecal solid liquid separator

The solid-liquid separator is widely used in the industrial field. It is widely used in the fecal treatment in the early stage of the organic fertilizer production line, which is recognized by everyone. This is inseparable from the advantages of the equipment itself. Next, we will introduce the performance advantages of the solid-liquid separator for fecal sewage.
fecal solid liquid separator

1. Full automaticity

The equipment is equipped with a non clogging submerged pump to pump the cow manure and pig manure water into the solid-liquid separator, and then the water is gradually pushed to the front of the machine by the auger. At the same time, the pressure of the front edge of the machine is continuously increased, forcing the water in the material to extrude out of the screen and flow out of the drainage pipe.

2. Continuity

The work of the solid-liquid separator is continuous. The cow dung / pig dung water is continuously lifted into the solid-liquid separation body, and the pressure of the leading edge is constantly increased. When it reaches a certain extent, the discharge port is pushed open and extruded to achieve the purpose of extrusion discharge.

3. Convenience

In order to master the discharging speed and water content, the counterweight under the main engine can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory and appropriate discharging state. If too much cow dung water / pig dung water is pumped in, it will be discharged to the original cow dung / pig dung pool through the overflow pipe. The cow dung wastewater separated by spiral extrusion filtration can be directly sent to the biogas digester for biogas fermentation or to the wastewater sedimentation tank.

4. Environmental protection

Dry cow manure/pig manure is squeezed out from the discharge port. After solid-liquid separation, the COD and BOD in the manure water are greatly reduced, which is convenient for subsequent discharge up to standards. The separated manure and sewage can be directly discharged to the biogas digester for biogas fermentation. The fermented manure liquid is a very good organic fertilizer liquid, and can also be discharged to the biogas digester for environmental protection treatment. The remaining manure residue can be fermented into organic fertilizer by compost turning machine.