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Structural advantages of double shaft mixing machine for fertilizer production

The double shaft mixer specially designed and produced by our factory is a new type of equipment based on the original mixer. The mixer is mainly used in organic fertilizers, NPK fertilizer manufacturing process and dust collectors in thermal power plants. It can also be used in chemical metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industries.

The newly produced double shaft mixer has the characteristics of high mixing efficiency and less floor space. The spiral blade (mixing blade) is made of high wear-resistant special alloy or composite ceramic, which has long service life.
double shaft mixing machine

Structural advantages of double shaft mixing machine

1. The shell of double shaft mixer is mainly composed of plate and section steel. It is welded in the factory and assembled with other parts, which is the support of double shaft mixer. The shell is tightly sealed, and there will be no fly ash floating and leakage.

2. The water-adding and humidifying piping is mainly composed of pipes, joints and nozzles. The nozzle adopts a stainless steel atomizing cone nozzle, which is arranged above the inside of the casing of the double-shaft mixer, and is arranged axially along the spiral axis to form a water curtain to facilitate the humidification and mixing of the material. The nozzle structure is simple, easy to replace, stainless steel material, anti-corrosion and durable. The moisture content of wet ash can be adjusted by operating the manual regulating valve on the water supply pipeline of the twin-shaft mixer.

3. There are six inspection holes on both sides of the double-shaft mixer to facilitate the operator's usual inspection and maintenance. The materials fully mixed by the mixer can directly enter the rotary drum granulator for granulation.

4.Spiral shaft is the main component of double shaft mixer, which mainly includes left and right spiral shaft, bearing seat, bearing sleeve, bearing cover, gear, sprocket, oil cup, blade and other parts. The left-right spiral shaft requires high manufacturing accuracy and good process performance, and has strict matching requirements with bearing seat, bearing sleeve and bearing cover. Gear, sprocket are protected by protective cover, can be safe and effective operation.
The oil cup of double shaft mixer is press fit type, which is convenient and effective to fill lubricating oil. The material of the blades of the double shaft mixer is the composite ceramic which is wear-resistant and not easy to stick ash. The blade structure design is reasonable and simple, easy to replace after wear, and has long service life in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.