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Performance characteristics of stack type composting equipment - windrow turning machine


Performance characteristics of windrow turning machine:

1. The composting equipment supporting organic fertilizer production line has less civil engineering and investment.

2. The diesel engine is used as the power source of the windrow turning machine, which saves the trouble of pulling the electric wire. It is convenient to change the venue.

3. Windrow turning machine adopts industrial rubber track with low noise and high friction, which can effectively avoid the slippage caused by excessive moisture or viscous material.
windrow turning machine
4. Using independent dual operating levers for walking, it can turn 360 degrees on the spot, eliminating the trouble of large steering wheel turning radius, and making the operation more convenient and simple.

5. The main shaft of the windrow turning machine is equipped with hydraulic lifting, which can adjust the pile turning resistance when there is too much material accumulation, and better protect the diesel engine, gearbox, etc.

6. The main transmission parts of the turning and polishing machine are driven by couplings, which can transmit greater torque and improve work efficiency.

7. Simple operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, stable operation, saving time and effort.