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Several granulation methods and pelletizer of fertilizer production lines

Granulation equipment is indispensable in the granulation process of fertilizer production line. Using disc granulator to granulation materials is the most common and easy to implement granulation method. But in addition to this, is there any other granulation method?

The rotary drum granulator is also a main way of granulation. The granulation device is an inclined cylinder, just like multiple disks overlapping. However, the nitrogen ratio should not be too high, the nitrogen ratio should not be greater than 22, and the concentration should not be greater than 40. The drying condition is difficult to reach the standard due to the effluent from material reaction.
rotary drum granulator

In addition, there is a kind of spray granulation. It refers to urea spray, which is to spray the melted urea to the compound fertilizer granulation device, reduce the urea crushing link, and the fertilizer dissolves quickly, but most of them are high nitrogen formula, and the nitrogen ratio is greater than 20.

To sum up, users can choose the granulator equipment by themselves. If you need a disc granulator for granulation, you can contact our home and choose the fertilizer granulator produced by our factory. The quality is excellent, the price is low, and after-sales Guaranteed.