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Application process and structural characteristics of pig manure dryer

As we all know, the main obstacle to the utilization of manure resources in pig farms is that the manure has high water content. In the early stage of resource utilization, the pig manure needs to be dehydrated and dried. The pig manure dryer is the main equipment for drying treatment. The working methods and structural characteristics of the pig manure dryer are mainly as follows:

Process and structural characteristics of pig manure dryer:
The pig manure dryer adopts a new type of lifting plate device, which has many functions such as guiding, current sharing and lifting material, which can make the material evenly distributed in the radial section of the dryer, and the material curtain becomes thin, uniform and full, completely contact hot air to achieve the full use of thermal energy. The dryer adopts reasonable operating parameters, the energy consumption of the pig manure dryer can be reduced by more than 10-15%, and the output of per set per hour is increased by more than 10-15%. It has been widely used in the fertilizer processing industry and other industries.

The heat source used in the pig manure dryer is mainly the combustion products of various combustion products and air, water vapor, hot water, electric energy, etc. At the same time, the selection of the heat source of the dryer also affects the operating cost of the dryer, so When selecting the heat source of the dryer, it is necessary to follow the local conditions, the safety of the heat source, whether it is environmentally friendly, the quality of the material to be dried and the quality requirements after drying the material, and select a suitable heat source.

The pig manure dryer has high flexibility and low drying cost, high adaptability and reliability. The processing capacity is large, the fuel consumption is small, the anti-overload capability is strong, the cylinder runs smoothly, and the material can be quickly dried using high-temperature hot air. The design considers the production margin, and even if the output is increased by a small margin, there is no need to replace the equipment.
The equipment adopts a self-aligning tug structure, and the cooperation between the tug and the rolling ring greatly reduces wear and power consumption. The specially designed retaining wheel structure greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused by the tilting of the equipment.

Main composition and its characteristics:
1. The pure pig manure with a water content of 60% can be dried by high temperature drying, disinfection, sterilization, decomposition, etc., and the pure pig manure organic fertilizer with a water content of 13% or less or the pig manure pellet feed mixed with the straw.
2, drying the finished product: pig manure machine fertilizer has a variety of nutrients necessary for crops. It was confirmed by the authoritative department that the fertilizer contained 2.6% nitrogen, 3.5% phosphorus, 2.5% potassium, 16-25% crude protein and 45% organic matter.

The main components are feeding machine, hot air stove, dryer, dust collector, motor, fan, electrical control cabinet and so on.
1. The drum is highly mechanized and has a large production capacity and can be continuously operated.
2. The structure is excellent and simple, and the material runs smoothly through the resistance of the cylinder and is easy to operate.
3. Less failure, low maintenance costs, and low power consumption.
4. Wide application range and good uniformity of product drying.
5. Drying can also achieve the purpose of deodorization.