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Vertical crusher machine application and the characteristics

 As we know,in organic fertilizer production,the raw materials are fermented first,the compost is ok,there are always big cakes,so we need to use the crushing machine to crush them into small pieces or the NPK fertilizer production,if the raw materials are granules,they are needed to be crushed into powder first before they are put into the batching system.Crushing is an important part of the fertilizer production line.

The vertical pulverizer is divided into three types: chain type, hammer type and blade type. It is used for crushing organic fertilizer raw materials and returning materials, and is also suitable for crushing materials with relatively low water content, such as crushing processing of free calcium <5% calcium phosphate fertilizer. The vertical pulverizer is widely used. It can be crushed with organic fertilizer and livestock and poultry manure. It can also be used for crushing various materials such as limestone, cement clinker, mixture, gypsum, coal gangue, slag, copper ore, iron ore. As mentioned above, it is suitable for the crushing and crushing of fertilizers and mineral processing equipment.

The working process of the vertical pulverizer: the material enters from the feeding port and collides with the high-speed rotating chain hammer in the casing. After the material is impacted, it is crushed and broken, and then hits the inner wall of the casing to counterattack and then with the hammer. Collision, so that after several impacts in the process of falling, the powder is discharged from the lower part.

Vertical pulverizer structure: The structure consists of casing, shaft seat, main shaft, chain hammer, chain hammer bracket, motor, etc. The power coupling drives the spindle to rotate, the main shaft has bearings, and the bearing is installed at the upper end of the casing. The main shaft is equipped with a chain hammer and a chain hammer bracket. The feeding hopper is installed on the upper part of the casing. In order to facilitate loading and unloading the chain hammer, a valve is opened on the casing for easy disassembly and maintenance.
Vertical crusher features

The inner wall of the machine casing is made of stainless steel as the inner lining, which relieves the problem of sticking to the wall and difficult to clean. The hammer piece is made of special steel forging, which is resistant to wear and corrosion, can effectively prolong the service life and improve production efficiency. The machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation, strong applicability and convenient maintenance.
(1) The structure is simple and reasonable, and the operating cost is low. Using the stone stone principle, the wear is small.
(2) High breaking rate and energy saving.
(3) It has the function of fine crushing and coarse grinding.
(4) Materials that are less affected by the moisture content of the material and less than 50% water content can be pulverized.
(5) More working noise is less than 75 decibels (db level), and dust pollution is less.
(6) Suitable for crushing medium and hard materials.
(7) Impeller self-lining wear is small and easy to maintain.
(8) For materials with high water content, it has strong adaptability, should not be blocked, and the material is smooth. The material enters from the feeding port and collides with the high-speed rotating chain in the casing. After the material is impacted, it is crushed and broken. Then, after hitting the inner wall of the casing, it collides with the chain and collides with the chain, so that after several times of impact during the falling process, it becomes a powder or a particle of 3 mm or less is discharged from the lower portion.
(9) The inner wall of the vertical crusher casing is made of polypropylene plate, and the crushed material is not sticky and easy to clean. .
(10) The blades of the vertical pulverizer are made of special steel and can effectively improve production efficiency.
(11) This machine has reasonable structure, convenient operation and strong applicability.