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Pig manure organic fertilizer granulator has good environmental protection effect

The pig manure organic fertilizer granulator machine is widely used, mainly because the country is vigorously supporting organic fertilizers. Using organic fertilizer granulators to make livestock manure into organic fertilizer can not only solve environmental pollution but also improve soil organic matter. Now many people use it. Pig manure is used to make organic fertilizer because pig manure is slightly better treated than other manure. Because pigs are omnivorous, the feces contain less long fibers, so the grain smoothness made by the organic fertilizer granulation mechanism will be better.


Introduction of pig manure organic fertilizer granulator:
This product is composed of a cylinder, a motor, a rotor, a transmission, and a frame.
1. The cylinder is divided into three parts: the feed mixing section, the granulation section and the polishing section.
2. It adopts Y series national standard motor, which has the characteristics of strong power, energy saving, reliable quality and overload operation.
3, the rotor is divided into three parts: 1. axis 2. stir wings 3. stir wings. The shaft is divided into three sections: 1. mixing section 2. Granulation section 3. Polishing section. The large shaft is made of special materials and specially made. The chiffon is made of special material, which is hard and wear-resistant. It can be adjusted in length and length. The stirrer head is made of alloy steel cutter head.
4. The inside of the reducer is made of special materials and processed by special processing. It has the characteristics of high carrying capacity, stable operation, and durable parts, safe and reliable work.

Pig manure organic fertilizer granulator process:
During the feeding, the fine powder and the soft granules enter the device, and are stirred by the machine to form relatively fine particles at the beginning. These particles serve as the basis for future granulation and are called nuclear in fertilizer manufacturing process. In the subsequent stirring process, the agglomeration between the core and the core, the coverage between the powder and the core, and the larger crushing and then covering to form larger particles to achieve the purpose of granulation.

Pig manure organic fertilizer granulator function:
The pig manure organic fertilizer granulator is specifically used in the organic fertilizer production process, the organic fertilizer granulator can be said to be an indispensable device in the whole granulation production line. The main function of the organic fertilizer granulator is to pulverize into a fine state. The material is shaped into a granule state. The organic fertilizer benefit of the granule state is favorable for bagging, transportation and use. In addition, there is a storage time which is longer than that. The current organic fertilizer granulator is divided into agitating granules, Roll extrusion granulation and disc granulation, the granulator is mainly used to synthesize the pulverized material into granules by using the kneading force, and the roller is forced to extrude the material into oblate granules by using the force of extrusion. The disc granulator uses centrifugal force to roll the powdery material into round pellets.