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Acid method compound fertilizer production line

Process description of the NPK fertilizer production:
1. The concentrated sulfuric acid and water are diluted in proportion, and then vaporized by the rotameter and liquid ammonia, and then enter the tubular reactor through the vortex flowmeter, and instantly neutralize the reaction to form ammonium sulfate slurry, which generates pressure to spray the ammonium sulfate slurry into the converter and inside the drum granulator.
2. After the monoammonium phosphate (or molten) and potassium chloride are pulverized and metered, they enter the drum granulator, and the powdery material is mixed with the ammonium sulfate slurry to form a solid solution in a certain liquid phase. Internal rolling granulation, at the same time the metathesis reaction between the materials at high temperatures to form double salts. ;
3. The granulated material is dried, cooled, sieved, metered and packaged into finished products.


Advantages of the production of compound fertilizer by granulation method (spraying):
1. The tube reactor, granulation tail gas scrubbing device, acid metering device and granulator liner can be modified on the original steam drum granulation compound fertilizer plant for production.
2. Liquid ammonia and sulfuric acid directly enter the granulator. Dilute sulfuric acid is both a viscous raw material and a liquid phase involved in the granulation process, and can provide a certain amount of heat energy, increase the temperature of the material during granulation, reduce the water content of the material, and greatly reduce the drying load.
3. The ammonium sulfate slurry produced by the neutralization reaction of the acid can replace the viscous granulation additive, and it is not necessary to add a binder such as bentonite or attapulgite in the fertilizer manufacturing process.
4. can produce a total nutrient content of 25-54% of various products, the ratio of nutrient distribution is wide; product quality indicators in line with GB15063-2001 standard, round and smooth, high compressive strength, good water solubility of fertilizer, moisture content low.

An important method for the composition of the granulation compound fertilizer
1. Tube reactor. The tubular reactor is installed at the inlet end of the granulator and extends into the granulator in parallel. The steam pressure generated by the neutralization reaction between sulfuric acid and liquid ammonia sprays the slurry evenly onto the material in the granulator to make the materials and materials. The slurry is thoroughly mixed and uniformly granulated.
2. Drum fertilizer granulator machine. The drum granulator is lined with a natural rubber sheet resistant to high temperature, acid and wear, and a pore is opened in the barrel of the granulator, so that the material naturally falls off during the rotation of the granulator with the sway of the lining, preventing Sticky wall.
3. Granulation tail gas. During the production process, sulfuric acid and gaseous ammonia will have excessive gas ammonia evolution during the reaction. The tail of the drum granulator adopts a full sealing device, and the tail gas generated in the production process is sent to the venturi scrubber through a centrifugal fan. After the washing liquid is used for a period of time, it is pumped to the acid-matching process for use as process water.