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What is the difference between a powder packaging machine and a granule packing machine?

 The packaging machine is the last process in the fertilizer manufacturing process. It is also an indispensable part in the production process, but the packaging machine is also divided into many kinds. In the organic fertilizer industry, the commonly used are powder packaging machine and granule packaging machine.


The organic fertilizer packaging machine cannot pack powdery materials and granular materials at the same time. Because the material forms, material flowability, specific gravity of the materials and the dust of the materials are different, the materials must be determined before purchase. What materials are packaged, let's talk about the differences:

First, the form of the material
The granular material is formed after granulation and drying and sieving and packaging. The shape is relatively smooth and is one grain and one grain. In order to not destroy the integrity of the particles during the raw material lifting process, it can be slowly upgraded by means of a smooth transition. The powdery material is formed by direct sieving after pulverization by pulverizer. The powdery material can be used without regard to the original state of the material. If the dust is large, some closed hoists can be used.

Second, the flow of materials
Because the granular material has a round shape and good fluidity, we can measure it by self-discharging. We generally change the flow rate by changing the diameter of the three-stage feeding device to control the packaging speed and precision. Because the powdery material is a powdery material, the general fluidity is not very good, but without considering the original state, the spiral feeding method can be used, and the method of forcing the material is forced to realize the metering of the material. We also change the coarse spiral and fine spiral to control the speed and accuracy of the metering.

Third, the dust of the material
The specific gravity of the granular material is relatively large, and it is not easy to form dust in the air. Therefore, we generally do not need to consider the dust treatment when packaging and the open weighing method does not pollute the air and the factory environment.
The powdery material has a lighter specific gravity. If the dry powder is in the air, as long as there is vibration and flow, it will form a large dust. When it is packed, it is very dusty. A large amount of dust is inhaled, which is not good for the human body. In the packaging machine, dust removal and purification should be considered. If there is a powdery material with certain moisture, the dust is not so big. We don’t need to pay attention to the dust pollution.

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