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Principle Of Organic Fertilizer Compost Fermentation

  The principle of organic fertilizer compost fermentation including groove-type compost and windows-type compost. The groove-type compost fermentation is used for large-scale organic fertilizer compost fermentaion, the windows-type compost is used in the small capacity organic fertilizer production.  
  Principle of organic manure groove-type compost fermentation: it uses biological characteristics with mechanization technology, using natural microorganisms make cow dung completely rotten, organic materials can be converted to organic matter, carbon dioxide and water, this method with short fermentation time, which can ferment cow dung completely rotten during 15 days, and easy to realize the scale production of factory,  which is not affected by the weather season, has small pollution to the environment, is conducive to the commercialization of the cow dung organic fertilizer production. According to different compost turning machine, the width of the fermentation tank is generally 3-20m, the depth is generally 0.8-1.5m, and the length is between 50 and 100 m, which can be designed according to the actual situation in the organic fertilizer production line. 
  Principle Of Organic fertilizer window-type compost fermentation:  window-type compost fermentation is the process of fermenting and decomposing raw materials and mixtures in a long strip  compost, which maintains the aerobic state of the compost through manual or mechanical periodic turning and natural ventilation.The section of the pile can be trapezoid, trapezoid or triangle. window-type compost fermentation is to spread out the materials in rows and pile them in the open air or under the scaffolding. Each row of materials is 2-3 m wide and 1-1.5m high. The length depends on the actual situation.
  No matter what type organic fertilizer compost fermentation, they are essential part in the organic fertilizer production line. We can provide customized and professional design for breeding industry, and can solve the pollution of manure, but also realize the recycling of waste.