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Conditions of Organic Fertilizer Compost Fermentation

In the organic fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer compost fermentation need certain conditions, such as water content, oxygen quantity and temperature, PH value and C/N ratio, etc.

Organic fertilizer compost fermentation condition:
1. Water content: the water content of sludge material is generally maintained at 65-75%, and the water content is too large. The oxygen content in the material gap cannot meet the demand of microorganisms for oxygen.
2. Oxygen quantity and temperature: the actual ventilation time of aerobic compost is controlled according to the measurement of reactor temperature.In the initial stage, the number of times of turning over the reactor can be reduced, which is conducive to the high temperature rise of the reactor. When the temperature rises to about 70 degrees Celsius, the reactor should be turned over in time, so that the reactor temperature will not exceed 70 degrees Celsius.Above 70 degrees Celsius, some microorganisms are in spore state, and the activity of starter functional microorganisms is almost zero.  
3. PH value: during the composting process, the pH value of materials will change with the different fermentation stages, and the pH value is 5.5 to 7.There is no significant influence on composting between 5 and 5. If the composting is deviated from this range, the material should be adjusted.
4. C/N ratio: it is generally controlled at around 25, and other materials should be added if it is inappropriate.   
5. Pellet size: it is advisable to control it at 15-30mm with the equipment, and the pellet size decreases with the fermentation process of materials.