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Manufacturing process and advantages of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer

Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturer supplies professional compound fertilizer equipment and designs NPK fertilizer manufacturing process. The scale of fertilizer production line can be from 2000 tons to 100000 tons per year.

The formula of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is the same as that of inorganic fertilizer according to different soil and different crop formula. If the fermentation is sufficient and the formula is proper, the effect is better than that of inorganic fertilizer, and the cost is lower. It can also improve the living environment of plants and is green fertilizer.
organic-inorganic compound fertilizer manufacturing process

Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer refers to a solid fertilizer that uses harmless treatment of organic matter (including high-temperature compost) and inorganic fertilizer (mainly nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer) as the main raw materials, and is mechanically processed through the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. This compound fertilizer is configured according to the nutrient characteristics of the soil and crops and the purpose of fertilizing the soil, and has the characteristics of nutrient balance.