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Functions of pig manure composting fermentation turning machine

Pig manure composting fermentation turning machine is of great significance to improving the agricultural production model, building the integration of planting and breeding, the development of breeding cycle, and changing the breeding environment! In the production of pig manure organic fertilizer fermentation, the fermentation compost turning machine is an essential fermentation equipment.
pig manure composting fermentation turning machine

The fermentation turner machine can mix the fermentation materials evenly, increase the oxygen content in the material pile, and promote the organic fertilizer fermentation process. The traditional composting method takes several months to complete the fermentation and composting. The modern organic fertilizer manufacturing process uses turning equipment, which only takes 7 to 15 days to complete the decomposing. The pig manure composting fermentation and composting machine plays an important role in this process.

Introduction of pig manure composting fermentation turner machine
Pig manure compost turning machine is a special equipment for the treatment of solid organic waste and the realization of aerobic high temperature composting. It is the main machine of composting and fermentation pool. By using this equipment, continuous production can be realized, the composting materials can be fully supplied with oxygen, the fermentation is uniform, and part of the water can be discharged, so as to achieve the goal of harmless and resource utilization. The decomposed compost is suitable for the manufacturing of NPK fertilizer and the deep processing of organic compound fertilizer.

Functions of pig manure composting fermentation turner:

1. Pig manure compost turning machine can achieve automatic control, according to different needs can have corresponding measures, for our work has brought great convenience, convenient for our operation.
2. Compost fermentation turner machine has excellent hydraulic lifting system, so it can be operated well in the process of use.
3. The components of pig manure compost turning machine are very strong and durable. In the process of use, it can better crush the materials, improve the production efficiency and speed up the crushing degree of materials.