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How to process organic fertilizer with high nutrient content

Organic fertilizer has more nutrients and high content of organic matter. It can also loosen soil, improve soil fertility and improve soil structure. Organic fertilizer is favored by producers and producers to improve crop yield and quality. Since organic fertilizer is so good, do you know how to make it?

The main production process of the organic fertilizer production line is to convert raw materials to semi-finished products. In the actual production process, the main use of flat stack composting technology, tank aerobic fermentation process. In addition, organic fertilizer equipment related experiments, can also be small-scale tank fermentation and sealed box fermentation mode for production.

Organic fertilizer production line process:

Raw material selection > drying and sterilization > fermentation > grinding > stirring > granulation > drying > cooling > coating > screening > metering sealing > storage of finished products
organic fertilizer production line

1. Trough turner machine:
The tank turner machine is mainly used to help the fermentation and decomposition to proceed quickly. Meanwhile, oxygen can enter the reactor body to avoid the odor produced by anaerobic reaction.

2. Forklift ingredients:
Uniform and continuous blanking to avoid blocking the normal operation of the next equipment due to excessive materials.

3. High humidity material crusher:
The agglomerated materials during composting were crushed evenly to reduce the diameter of materials.

4. Drum screening machine:
The non comminuted impurities and large pieces of materials are screened out to further improve the marketability.

5. Horizontal mixer:
If there is a need to improve the nutrient elements or produce standard organic fertilizer manufacturers, they need to add n, P, K, etc.

Including a variety of fertilizer granulation equipment, flat die pellet mill, organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator machine, rotary drum granulator.

7.Drum drying and cooling machine 

8. Automatic packing scale:
After packaging, it is convenient for storage. At the same time, in the process of transportation, it will not cause dust pollution and waste.