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Maintenance method of organic fertilizer granulating equipment

Organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer granulator are divided into drum granulator, agitator, flat die granulator, extrusion granulator, disc granulator, etc. Although the working principles of these granulating equipment are different, the daily maintenance methods are basically the same. As for the equipment is really damaged, we need to find professional personnel to repair. We do a good job in the organic fertilizer granulator routine maintenance purpose, that is to reduce and avoid equipment damage and affect the production of organic fertilizer, resulting in economic losses. So how to maintain the organic fertilizer granulator in daily use?
organic fertilizer granulating equipment

1. Keep the working site clean. After the test of organic fertilizer granulator, the residual rubber sand inside and outside the granulator should be thoroughly removed, the scattered or splashed glue sand and flying objects on the organic fertilizer equipment should be cleaned. The exposed processing surface of the organic fertilizer equipment machine should be wiped clean, coated with anti rust meat paint and covered with corresponding shield to prevent dust from invading again.

2. Organic fertilizer production equipment has no external oil hole, gear and worm gear are lubricated with special grease for organic fertilizer equipment. The upper gear and lower gear should be added with three in one grease every season, and the gear box cover and transmission gear cover can be opened respectively when refueling). Lubricating oil should be dripped into the sliding surface of the hinge joint between the support gear box and the support. The worm gear box and bearing have been filled with enough transmission grease when leaving the factory. However, the transmission machine should be thoroughly cleaned once every year and all protective lubricants should be replaced.

3. Always pay attention to the operation of the organic fertilizer production line. There should be no serious abnormal noise, no metal friction sound. In case of any abnormality, it should be stopped immediately and checked. After troubleshooting, the machine can not be started. If there is metal friction sound, the clearance between organic fertilizer equipment can be checked first.

4. Check the standard clearance between organic fertilizer equipment frequently.

5. When the organic fertilizer equipment is overhauled, the working clearance should be re measured each time and adjusted many times, and it can be continued to use after meeting the standard.

6. If the fertilizer granulator can not operate by pressing the program controller, check whether the power supply voltage, power plug socket and connecting plug base are normal, and check the internal fault of the controller.