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Process of profitable pig manure organic fertilizer production line

Pig manure is a very good organic fertilizer, which contains a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium required by plant growth. It is suitable for plant growth and can increase the yield of food crops. The production of organic fertilizer from pig manure is a way to turn pig manure into treasure.
The pig manure organic fertilizer production line has achieved breakthrough results in the harmlessness and resource reuse of pig manure. The whole set of equipment for making organic fertilizer from pig manure makes pig manure into organic fertilizer, which solves the chronic problem that pig manure is difficult to recycle and seriously pollute the environment.
pig manure organic fertilizer production line

The process flow of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment production line is a little more complex than NPK fertilizer manufacturing process, and the raw materials need fermentation first, then granulation processing.
1. Raw material fermentation.
2. Computer belt scale automatic batching.
3. Crushing and mixing.
4. Granulation.
5. Drying organic fertilizer granules by dryer.
6. Organic fertilizer particles are cooled by cooler. 
7. The qualified organic fertilizer particles are screened out by the screening machine.
8. Coating machine film particles, more smooth.
9. Automatic filling and sealing of organic fertilizer granules by packing scale.