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Production advantages of compound fertilizer equipment

As one of the mainstream equipment in the NPK fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer equipment must have its advantages. Because the compound fertilizer equipment can produce many types of fertilizers, especially the coated fertilizers that are currently used in the market. Coated fertilizers were boldly conceived as early as the beginning of the last century, and after efforts, they finally realized and entered the era of coated fertilizers.

Advantages of coated fertilizers:
1. It can reduce the loss of fertilizer nutrients and significantly improve the utilization rate of fertilizers;
2. Avoid excessive fertilization of dry crops and soil compaction;
3. Prevent nitrate accumulation in the soil from polluting the environment due to a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer application, and even poison humans and animals;
4. Can coordinate crop nutrient supply and implement balanced fertilization to achieve high quality and high yield;
5. Reduce the number of fertilization, save labor and time;
6. Suitable for mechanized fertilization can greatly improve the work efficiency of large-scale fertilization.

Selection principles of coating materials
The coating material is the material basis for ensuring the function of the coating fertilizer. In order to ensure that the coating fertilizer achieves the desired effect, the coating material selected must have the following requirements.
1. Adhesion. After the surface treatment of the granulated fertilizer, contact the powder of the coating material in the disc granulation equipment to make the coating material adhere to the surface of the fertilizer uniformly, and finally seal the surface with a cover agent.
2. Spraying. The coating material is melted and sprayed on the fertilizer in the disc fertilizer granulator machine or the drum fertilizer granulator machine, and then treated with an appropriate treatment agent.
3. Put the chemical fertilizer to be wrapped together with the coating material in a fluidized bed and mix thoroughly to form a uniform granular coating fertilizer.

The above are the material selection requirements for coated fertilizers produced by compound fertilizer equipment and the advantages of coated fertilizers. Moreover, the production of this coated fertilizer is relatively simple compared to other fertilizers, and it is also the choice of fertilizer manufacturers just entering the industry.