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Production process flow that must be understood to make organic fertilizer

Tianci Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturer will introduce you to the production process and process of fertilized fertilizer in large fertilizer plants. Friends who want to build a fertilizer plant can refer to it.

Production process of organic fertilizer

1.After mixed fermentation of bacteria and raw materials, the composting machine is used in the fermentation process. Fermented compost can provide nutrients and improve soil properties, especially for sandy soil, clay and salinized soil.

2.The rotten raw materials are crushed and screened, and then arrive at the deep processing workshop through the elevator.

3.The fertilizer is mixed by the raw material mixer and then enters the fertilizer granulator for pelleting.

4.Next, the pelletized fertilizer is sent to the pelletizing equipment for rounding.

5.The particles after rounding reach the drying cylinder through the conveyor belt. The dried particles are then transported to the cooling drum through the conveyor belt for cooling.

6.The dust generated in the drying and cooling process enters the dedusting equipment through the induced air for dedusting. The cooled particles are then transported by the conveyor belt to the screening machine.

7.Then the sieved particles enter the quantitative packaging equipment through the conveyor belt for packaging, and become finished fertilizer.
organic fertilizer production process

Equipment selection of NPK fertilizer granulator

There are many types of fertilizer processing equipment in the above process, such as granulation link. Different types of NPK fertilizer granulators are suitable for different processing processes, including disc granulator, rotary drum granulator, roller extrusion granulator, etc. When selecting production equipment, fertilizer plants should consider their own plant planning, estimated annual output, type of raw materials, etc., which are related to how to select the most suitable equipment and ensure the maximum benefit.
fertilizer granulator equipment

Matters needing attention

Finally, fertilizer granulator equipment manufacturers remind everyone to consider the sales path of raw materials and fertilizers. Organic fertilizer raw materials that can be considered include crop straw, green manure, weeds and other plant materials, as well as manure and sludge. Attention should be paid to whether the raw material of livestock and poultry manure contains hormone residues, heavy metal overruns and other issues. The selection of bacteria should pay attention to the activity of bacteria and the number of useful live bacteria. Regarding marketing, we must examine the local fertilizer demand and transportation convenience.