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Production process of chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer

Chicken manure contains a large number of harmful microorganisms, which cannot be applied directly, and deep temperature fermentation must be performed. The purpose of fermentation is mainly two, one is to kill harmful bacteria, and the other is to organicize the incompletely digested material to increase the actual organic content.

Fermentation is mainly carried out in a fermentation tank, that is, chicken manure is accumulated in the fermentation. It is best to add an appropriate amount of fermentation bacteria at the same time, and then cover it with agricultural mulch. The fermentation time is usually 10-20 days. During the period, the compost turner machine can also be used for dumping to accelerate the fermentation speed.

Chicken manure after deep fermentation is dried and crushed. The crushed chicken manure can be applied directly, but it is only called traditional farm manure and cannot be called commercial organic fertilizer yet.

However, if it is to be made into a commercial organic fertilizer, the NY525-2002 standard is implemented. According to this standard, the total content of NPK must be 4% or more, organic matter must be 30% or more, water content must be 20% or less, and the pH value should be 5.5-8.0. Of course, there are other requirements, such as the content of five heavy metals cannot exceed the standard, the mortality of roundworm eggs and the value of E. coli must meet the standards.

Meet the above requirements, are qualified organic fertilizers. From the appearance, commercial organic fertilizers are divided into powdery and granular. If you want to produce commercial organic fertilizers into granules, fertilizer granulator machine is also required. Generally, granulation production equipment for organic fertilizers uses disc granulation, including metering equipment, laboratory equipment, mixing equipment, granulation equipment, and drying equipment. , Screening equipment, filling equipment, sewing equipment.