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The choice of process determines the quality of bio-organic fertilizer

 The key index of the quality of bio-organic fertilizer products is the effective number of live bacteria of the product, and the choice of production process is an important link that affects the number of live bacteria in the product. Choosing the right production process can improve product quality, increase the time of product storage, so that the product is better to market, thereby improving the economic efficiency of enterprises.

The quality of bio-organic fertilizer mainly depends on the species itself and the biological fertilizer in the number of beneficial microorganisms and the intensity of their role, so the selection of good, temperature-resistant, drought-resistant bacteria, to ensure that the number of live bacteria in fertilizer is a biological organic fertilizer production enterprise must do a major event.
bio organic fertilizer
The key to biofertilizer production process is the choice of granulation method, according to the requirements of the production process, the current commonly used granulation method of bio-organic fertilizer mainly has the two kinds of disc granulation and extrusion granulation. Because of the different granulation methods of raw materials requirements, so there are differences in the production process of bio-organic fertilizer.

At present, the production process of domestic bio-organic fertilizer mainly has the following. 
1. Disc mixing granulation process: raw material drying removes a certain amount of moisture (when drying, that is, the raw material is sterilized) to break, and then add a certain amount of acid-base regulation carrier pH and inorganic fertilizer part mixing uniformly, into the disc granulator machine, sprayed in the granules process a certain amount of bacteria, grain-forming products for low-temperature drying, screening, you can get the finished product.

2. After mixing, squeeze granulation process: raw materials dry to less than 10% water content, crushed, and then with acid-base regulator, inorganic fertilizer, microbial agent mixed evenly, into the fertilizer granulator machine to be granulated, after screening the product.

By comparing the above-mentioned production process, it can be considered that the use of disc granulation after low-temperature drying process, although a large one-time investment, but the quality of products is better, good product mixability, is conducive to the product on the market. And the use of extruded granulation, because of the particle strength is poor, high powder rate, product quality is difficult to ensure, and its unique shape, not easy to mix with other compounding particles.

Therefore, under the conditions permitting, the production process of bio-organic fertilizer is best performed by the low-temperature drying process after disc granulation.