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What are the reasons for the formation of soil compaction?

 The soil compaction is simply that the surface of the soil becomes hard and cracks appear. It is difficult for the crop to take root and survive. It is difficult to absorb nutrients in the soil. What causes the soil to be knotted?

1. The farmland soil texture is too sticky and the tillage layer is shallow. Long-term use of the tumbling machine does not result in the formation of soil compacts. The fermentation compost turning machine is a turning device for strip type composting, which is mostly used for agricultural livestock manure composting and small-scale municipal sludge treatment projects. At present, the most widely used in China is Bakus's turning machine. Our company produces the whole series of products; customers can choose different models according to their own needs.

The clay particle in clay contains more specific gravity, and the average cultivated layer is less than 500px. The capillary pores in the soil are less, the ventilation, water permeability and temperature increase are poor. After raining or watering, it is easy to block the pores and cause soil surface crust. .

2. The serious shortage of organic fertilizer and the maximum amount of straw returning are reduced.
Insufficient supplementation of organic matter in the soil, low soil organic matter content, poor structure, affecting the activity of microorganisms, thereby affecting the formation of soil aggregate structure, resulting in excessive or too small acidity and alkalinity of the soil, leading to soil compaction. Organic fertilizer granulator machine is suitable for municipal solid waste such as organic fertilizer raw materials, livestock manure, manure and urine, heap fertilizer, green manure, sea fertilizer, cake fertilizer, grass charcoal, soil fertilizer, three wastes, microbes, etc. The specificity of organic fermenting granulation, the particles are irregular spherulites.

3. Excessive investment in plastic products.
The mulch and plastic bags are not cleaned and cannot be completely decomposed in the soil to form harmful masses. China's annual waste plastics entering the landfill with domestic waste account for 3%-5% of the weight of landfill waste, most of which is plastic bag waste, which is not easily degraded when applied to the soil, causing soil compaction.

4, long-term single application of chemical fertilizers.