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Correlation between organic fertilizer equipment and NPK compound fertilizer equipment

 As fertilizer production equipment for organic fertilizer manufacturing process, organic fertilizer equipment mainly includes a fermentation part and a granulation part. In view of the particularity of the source of organic fertilizer raw materials, it is necessary to further utilize the raw materials such as chicken manure by dehydration of the chicken manure dewatering machine and then put it into a fermentation tank for thorough fermentation to make it harmless. The raw material itself contains a certain proportion of inorganic elements, coupled with the activity of organic matter, the application of the soil can promote the absorption of nutrients by crops, and the nutrition in all aspects is more balanced, avoiding soil compacted soil caused by excessive application of chemical fertilizer. Degradation and other phenomena can make the soil self-repairing during use.


The NPK fertilizer production process is relatively simple. Usually, urea, superphosphate, potassium chloride, etc. are mechanically mixed or processed by simple chemical reaction to prepare ammonium phosphate, and then urea and potassium chloride are blended. The fertilizer produced is not uniform in nutrients and can only be a compound fertilizer. In the NPK fertilizer production process, it generally does not require expensive and complicated chemical production equipment. The compound fertilizer is made by chemical reaction in the production process. Completing this process requires complicated technology and expensive chemical equipment. The compound fertilizer produced has uniform nutrient content and uniform particle size.

The organic fertilizer equipment has fermentation-related equipment to pretreat the organic fertilizer raw material, and after fermentation and decomposing, it is made into a granule by a special organic fertilizer granulator machine, and then dried, cooled, sieved, and finally finished into the storage. The compound fertilizer equipment uses processing equipment such as a drum granulator to produce granules, and then the finished product is also subjected to drying, cooling, sieving and the like. Compound fertilizers are more common in the use of roller press granulator for the processing of well-matched materials. This method can be used to make a suitable soil-measuring formula by adjusting different formulations to obtain a larger space for application.