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The role of fertilizer granulator machine in the production of organic fertilizer

  With the rise and widespread use of organic fertilizers in the agricultural industry, the demand for fertilizers is also growing. Domestically, we also rely on fertilizer equipment to build some factories specializing in the production of organic fertilizer production lines. The choice of organic fertilizer production line configuration is to be selected according to the raw materials processed. A good organic fertilizer production line will affect the overall operation and later production benefits.

The organic fertilizer manufacturing process includes fermentation compost turning machine, semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, organic fertilizer dryer, cooling machine, drum sieving machine, and quantitative packaging scale. The organic fertilizer granulator machine is an important link in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. It granulates the organic fertilizer raw materials after fermentation and pulverization, and controls the “face value” of organic fertilizer. The quality of the granulator directly affects the organic fermented granules, while most consumers are visual users, and the granules are full of firm and smooth will be more like by the customers.

Organic fertilizer granulator machine come in different models, and the price is not the same, but it is also more suitable for users with different production needs, and now the national policy is also promoting the development of organic fertilizer operators, and there are also equipment purchases. Subsidy services, and organic fertilizer production can help solve the problem of pollution recovery of livestock and manure, and it is also a key project promoted by the government.

We produce different types of organic fertilizer granulator machines, new type organic fertilizer granulators, disc granulator, flat die granulator and ring die granulator. The pellets of the first two granulators are round. The pellets of the latter two granulators are cylindrical and can be selected by the customer according to their actual needs. The right one is the best.

Nowadays, organic fertilizer granulators are the same as other organic fertilizer production equipment, which is of concern to farmers, because it is not only related to the rational use of resources, but also the environmental pollution of agricultural waste and livestock manure. The best way to solve these pollution sources is to return organic fertilizer to the field through processing equipment, which can both raise land and make money.