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The importance of compost turning machine to the organic fertilizer manufacturing process

 The first step of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is the fermentation of raw materials. Therefore, the fermentation compost turning machine is one of the indispensable equipments in the whole line of organic fertilizer manufacturing process. Aerobic fermentation and anaerobic fermentation are essential for the fermentation of raw materials in the organic fertilizer production line. The stage is also a prerequisite for the formation of high-quality organic fertilizer production.

Aerobic fermentation is the first step in the production of organic fertilizer. It reduces the moisture content of raw materials (livestock and poultry manure, organic materials), eliminates foul odor, kills pathogens, mites and other harmful diseases, organisms, killing weed seeds through high temperature action of 55 °C-70 °C for more than 5 days and initially decomposing macromolecular organic matter such as fibers, proteins, and polysaccharides through the activities of aerobic microorganisms. The fermentation compost turning machine is to turn over the raw materials during aerobic fermentation, so that the water in the raw materials can be quickly evaporated, and the bacteria and the raw materials can be uniformly combined to quickly eliminate the stench, kill the pathogens and weed seeds, and pass the good The activity of oxygen microorganisms initially decomposes macromolecular organic matter such as fibers, proteins, and polysaccharides.

The fermentation compost turning machine is the core equipment for aerobic dynamic composting. Let us look at the role of the functions of turning machine in the fermentation process:
1. Stirring function. In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, in order to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio, PH value and water content of the raw materials, some auxiliary materials need to be added. The main raw materials and various auxiliary materials stacked together in a proportioned manner are uniformly stirred by a mixer to achieve the purpose of quenching and tempering. During the operation of the compost turning machine, the raw material particles are in full contact with and mixed with the air to accelerate the fermentation speed.
2. Improve the permeability of the raw material pile. The turning system can process the material into small agglomerates, so that the viscous and dense raw materials are piled up and elastic, forming a suitable porosity.

The new bio-organic fertilizer produced by the compost turning machine can replace a variety of chemical fertilizers widely, and it is one of the comprehensive forms of resource, recycling and harmless value.