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Rotary drum granulator to improve fertilizer nutrient utilization

In the manufacturing of NPK fertilizer, fertilizer plants often carry out secondary granulation. The application of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer not only controls the balanced supply of nutrients, but also controls the stable release of nutrients. It plays a role of balanced fertilization in both horizontal and vertical directions of nutrients, and can improve the utilization rate of nutrients. Granular fertilizer treated by rotary granulator is better than inorganic fertilizer in comprehensive utilization of nutrients.
rotary drum granulator

In the design of the internal structure of the rotary drum granulator, the function of various internal scrapers is to maintain a certain thickness of the material on the inner surface of the drum, make the material layer uniform, and facilitate the normal rolling and turning of the material in the drum. The steel drum is lined with thermally expandable metal. Rubber baffles and linings, as well as external shock absorbers, are used to prevent accumulation during the drum pelletizing process. The stable material volume and uniform liquid phase distribution in the rotary drum granulator are the key to producing qualified granules.