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Deodorization method of organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Organic fertilizer production line is used to produce organic fertilizer, organic waste, sludge, straw, sawdust, food processing waste and other materials accumulated in a place for a long time, will produce a variety of odor. These wastes are processed by organic fertilizer manufacturing process, and become valuable organic fertilizer, contributing to the agricultural cause.

How does the organic fertilizer equipment deodorize these organic wastes? Here is a brief introduction.
There are many ways to eliminate odor, such as 1. Adsorption method; 2. Air dilution method; 3. Ozone oxidation method; 4. Masking method; 5. Chemical treatment method; 6. Water washing method; 7. Combustion method; and plasma and biological deodorization method.

The above methods are all one of the deodorization methods in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. The methods used in each organic fertilizer production line are different, and each method has its own deodorization method and system. In the process of producing organic fertilizer, it is necessary to use compost turning machine for fermentation treatment, so that these materials can get rid of odor and harmful substances through deodorization system. Therefore, the deodorization system of organic fertilizer production line is an indispensable detail.
deodorization composting